Monday, April 5, 2010

Quiet Book Revealed

I started working on this quiet book for my son on January 1st. Finally, 4 months later, the quiet book is ready to rock n' roll. I will be posting patterns and step-by-step instructions for the individual pages, so keep checking back.

I'm so delighted with this book, I love how it turned out. I do have to confess that I have several more pages in various stages of completion, but I really wanted to get the majority in the book.

I sewed binder rings into my cover so that the pages can go in and out. The back cover has a little pocket for treats or extras.

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions, and I'll work on getting my directions and patterns posted.

For details on page size and fabric, see this post.

Inside Cover: This book belongs to our family
Peek-a-boo mittens with family picture underneath (Click here for printable pattern)

Building blocks for the Idaho Falls Temple (Click here for a free pattern printable)
Noah's Ark with animals inside

Jonah and the Big Fish
Weave King Benjamin's Tower

Red, Yellow, Green Light
Garage, Road, and 2 cars (Click here for a free pattern printable)

Picking the Apples with snaps
Make a Pumpkin Face

Barn with animal finger puppets (Click here for page instructions)
Button flowers and velcro leaves

Tic Tac Toe
Tying a shoe

Mailbox, paper and pen (Click here for page instructions)
Build an ice cream cone (Click here for a free printable pattern)

Matching velcro Shapes
Back cover with pocket

Want to see the quiet book I made for my friend Janette? Click here. To see the quiet book I helped my friend Keree with click here.

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Monica said...

Your quite book looks WONDERFUL!!! I can't wait to see the pattern of how you did it all. :>

Cami said...

It turned out great! I was so excited to look at it. I love the car page! if I ever have a boy, that will be the first page I add to mine. You did a wonderful job!

JenBrown said...

This looks awesome! I REALLY want to make one of these for my son...among the million other things. :)

Katie said...

Cute!! Have you seen the quiet book flickr group??

You should totally add your pictures there!

Ammie said...

Wonderful! I love your cute pages. You inspire me to keep working on my quiet book.

Valerie said...

You did an amazing job on your quiet book! I am working on a couple for my nephews, and was wondering how you got your book rings into the quiet book-- I would like to do that, but am new at the whole sewing thing... and am not quite sure where to start on that particular aspect of my books... thanks!! :)

Camille said...

Valerie - I'm making a quiet book for a friend and I will take pictures as I put the cover together. It took me a long time to figure out the best way to do it, lol, but it ended up being really simple. Check back soon!

Dustin, Jessa, Paxton said...

DO you have your quiet books for sale???

Stephanie Batty said...

Also you can try the Dollar tree or 99 cents stores for felt its not always a billion colors but they usually have a package of 10 with a couple of colors.

Linz said...

I was just wondering if you were ever able to post a tutorial about how you made the cover? I am going to make one of these for my daughter and will start the pages tomorrow, but would like to hear the dimensions, material layers and how you put in the binder rings please. Thanks! I've looked up many different quiet books and yours is my absolute favorite!

Anonymous said...

Hey I was wondering what you made your cover out of and how you connected the binder to it? I want to start on this but wanted to know how to start it. Thank you!

shellpole said...

Camille. i cannot get the template for the mittens. It only comes up small, even when I click on the pic as advised.

Reflexions d'NTAE said...

Can I buy one of these sense books for babies? I love them? Do you know any who can help me to get one? Thanks!


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