Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quiet Book Details

Here are some of the details on my quiet book, so you can get started or finally finish yours!

Each page measures 9x12. It's a good size to fit on a child's lap, but still big enough to make some fun pages. I bought a thick white canvas fabric for all of my pages, I purchased it at Walmart for around $3 per yard. I really like how thick, sturdy and durable the canvas is, only problem, every time you touch it it frays.

After my pages were finished, I arranged them back to back. I really needed to take care of the fraying problem, plus stitch them together, so I used bias tape around the edges. I love the finished look it gives, plus no more fraying. It looks much better than zigzagged pages. I used the "Extra Wide Double Fold" in white.

Now, let's talk cost. I spent about $40 on materials for my quiet book, but it easily could have cost more. Walmart occasionally has their felt on sale for 10 cents, most other craft stores have it for around 25 cents. Keep an eye out for sales! Joann's had 50% off all notions a while ago and I was able to get all my bias tape, velcro, snaps, eyelets and book rings for half off. I also raided my mom's and grandma's scrap fabric.

This book was so much fun to make and I hope it lasts for at least 10 years of sundays! Leave a comment if you have any other questions or I left anything out.

And in other news, I just have to share, today is April 6th right? April, as in springtime! I took this picture of my backyard 20 minutes ago. Winter wonderland, eek! I took it through the back window because it is just way to cold to go outside. Since the weather is so icky, I guess I'll have to stay inside and sew:)

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Brit said...

yes BOOO on the weather :(

Mommy said...

I am attempting your Quiet Book!! Thank you for the great ideas, does your fishing pole come out or is the string just long enough to "catch" each fish?
Thank you!!
Beth Leal


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