Thursday, April 22, 2010

Written in the Sand

I'm excited to share this idea with you in honor of Earth Day! It's simple, you can't mess up (really) and it will look so adorable in any room.

Make personalized messages - in the sand!

I took these pictures on the sandy part of a nearby lake. If you have a beach, lucky you, or be desperate and use the kids' sandbox! Think of a cute message you'd like to use for home decor.

Here's what I did - our initials in a heart

Use a stick or your finger, don't be a perfectionist, the quirkiness is what makes it cute!

I uploaded my photo and cropped it so it was centered and then added an antique sepia special effect. Nice eh?

Print in any size, frame and there is your custom art! I have mine in a simple white matte frame hanging on the wall with an aqua ribbon. It's right next to the mirror in the guest bathroom (yes, in aqua) and it always gets compliments. I'd show you a picture of it finished, but my camera cord is hidden in a moving box:)

What would you have your message say? I'm going to go back to lake and make one that says "Families are Forever" and I also thought one that says Live . Laugh . Love with rocks between the words would be sweet.


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The Harris Family said...

How cute is that! What a fun idea. I never thought to use it as wall art and the sepia adds the perfect touch. Thanks for linking up.


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