Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh, the talent!

So, I have this amazing sister-in-law named Becky. Not only is she funny, clever, tall and gorgeous- but that girl can craft!

So, this post is all about showing off my favorite Becky!

(I would post a cute pic of Becky and me here, but I haven't downloaded anything from the holidays yet, oops)

Here is her quiet book, totally puts mine to shame! Adorable and very sturdy

The barn doors open, and the animals are printed on fabric with velcro backing

The monkey swings from branch to branch

The frog's tongue snaps to the flies

The alligator's mouth zips open

This fish has a magnet inside him

And of course the caterpillar's circles come off

I know, right?! Love it!

Some of her inspiration came from here.

She also throws a great "under the sea" birthday party

And check out her pantry. Home-canned fruit, jam, pie-filling, salsa and applesauce. (And yes, most of the fruit/veggies came from her own yard!)

Someday I plan on living in the same city, or heck I'd settle for same STATE as Becky!

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