Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scripture Memorizing Book

I think in my next life I'll be a graphic designer . . . it's so fun!

So let's talk about memorizing scriptures.  I'm always amazed at how crazy fast my kiddos can memorize something.  You know, I sing along to a song on the radio twice and next thing I know my 3 year-old is running around the house singing, "Hey!  I just met you, and this crazy, so here's my number, call me maaaaaybe!"  Yikes.

The hubby and I decided we better use these powers for good.  I mean, there is more to having the entire movie Cars 2 memorized right?  We've started practicing scriptures, those easy, short and meaningful scriptures that everyone should know.

I designed this little flip book last year my boys and some friends.  We practice them before bed, flip thru them at church and we're totally rockin' it!

I decided to make my designs FREE for all of you, we all need the scriptures more in our lives and if this can help primary kids everywhere I'm a happy mamma!

Kristin said:  "These are still our favorite thing in my church bag! I use them for myself even!"

Michelle said:  "We love ours, kids love looking at them and memorizing them!"

There are 50 pages, 4x6 size.  You can print the pages, cut and assemble yourself.  Or, you can go the simpler route and send them to Walgreens or Shutterfly to print as photos.  Both often have 40-50% off codes, check the deals.  I slide them into the little clear 4x6 albums from the dollar store and ta da!  Done!

So, click HERE to download my free designs.  Please remember that these are NOT for commercial use, they are to bless your little homes:)


Leave a comment and let me know how they work for your family, I would love to hear from you.


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