Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Planning Freezer Meals

I've done some planning today. If I double dinner once a week and freeze half, I will have 12 freezer meals ready to go before my new little munchkin arrives. (Yes, I'm pregnant, don't think I've said so on my blog yet, but trust me, I'm out to here.) I could even make 6 a month without adding too much to our grocery budget, and it really isn't that much extra time to prepare.

I'm using simple dollar store foil containers with lids and ziploc bags. I'm typing out instructions and labels so hubby can prepare without even asking.

Here are my favorite freezer meals. I will link up recipes and pictures as I go:

Creamy Spinach Chicken

Cheesy Texas Bake


Funeral Potatoes and Ham

Cheesy Manicotti

Pizza Bites

BBQ Cups

Spaghetti Sausage Pie

Sloppy Joes

Baked Ziti

Am I forgetting anything else easy and delicious? Yeah, we won't starve:)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicken Taquitos (for the freezer)

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You know those taquitos you buy in the frozen foods? And it's like $3 for 24 or so soggy taquitos? They say chicken or beef, but you aren't quite convinced? Ya, stop buying them, it's time to make your own. These are so delicious, the tortilla is nice and crispy and hello cheap!! My husband loves to grab 3 or 4 taquitos, microwave them on a paper towel for 1 minute and dash off to work. I have been known to eat them while driving too:) It took me an hour and a half to make 110 taquitos, check out my price break down below. (Oh, and in case you weren't on board yet, I bake these crispy babies instead of frying in oil, so yeah, healthier too!)

Husband Rating: 5 stars

These are my directions to make 110 taquitos, obviously use less if you're just making a pan full for dinner.

6 cups cooked, shredded chicken (for my easy chicken shredding directions click here)
1 8oz. brick cream cheese
1 lime
1 bunch cilantro
1 1/2 cups Monterrey jack cheese, grated
110 white corn tortillas (Guerrero is my fave brand, made with no lard)

Soften cream cheese in microwave for 15-20 seconds. In a large bowl stir together cream cheese, chicken and Monterrey jack cheese. Finely chop cilantro and stir into chicken mixture. Squeeze lime juice and stir. Warm tortillas (microwave or skillet) so they don't break when rolling. Preheat oven to 425. Cover a cookie sheet with foil (easy clean-up) and spray with cooking spray. Place a spoonful of chicken mixture in each tortilla and roll, place seam side down on pan. When the pan is full, lightly spray the tops of the taquitos with cooking spray. Bake for 12-14 minutes, or until crispy.

You will get a nice system going here quickly. I baked about 20 and a time, and you will have the next pan ready to pop in and soon as they're done.

To freeze: Cool taquitos completely. Place in a large ziploc bag, label and freeze. You will want to eat all of the taquitos within 3 months. Mine have never lasted more than a month, we love them too much:) To reheat, microwave on a plate or paper towel for 1 minute. Serve with salsa, guacamole or sour cream. So there you have it, a perfect on-the-run snack or heat up a pan full for a last minute dinner.

Cilantro: .68 cents
Lime: .50 cents
Cream Cheese: .98 cents
Monterray Jack: $1 (used a coupon)
Corn tortillas: $4
Chicken: $5.50 (I bought it on sale)
Total: $12.66

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Clearance Event

I had a lot of fun with my Mother's Day sales this year. Instead of just selling an apron, I put together coordinating gift baskets. I have 4 baskets leftover and listing today for you with a huuuge discount.
So, shop for your next bridal shower, the perfect graduation gift or just keep it for yourself!

Gift Basket No. 1:

Reg. Price: $20.50 Sale Price: $11.00 SOLD

Includes: Women's regular Hawaiian Classic Apron
20 hot pink folding notecards with embossed heart
20 white envelopes

Gift Basket No. 2:

Regular Price: $16.50 Sale Price: $8.00 SOLD

Includes: Lime Cheetah Ruffle Half Apron, Size Small
20 blank lime recipe cards
1 recipe card for Reeses Pieces Cookies

Gift Basket No. 3:

Regular Price: $25.00 Sale Price: $13.50 SOLD

Includes: Women's regular Lady Liberty Ruffle Apron with polka dot sash
Coordinating tea towel and crochet topper

Gift Basket No. 4:

Regular Price: $19.50 Sale Price: $11.00

Includes: Lemon Squeeze half apron with rosette, size women's regular
2 coordinating tea towels

And I have one necklace left that I'm throwing in the sale too. Love this!

Regular Price: $28.50 Sale Price: $10.50

To place an order, please email me at I will accept paypal/credit card payments, or cash for local orders. Shipping is $2 for apron gift baskets and $1 for the necklace.

FYI - Items are handmade by Camille in a smoke-free, pet-free home. All packages ship the next business day via USPS. Shipping is $2, local orders can be picked up. I can only accept orders in the United States at this time. Contact me at camillescasa(at)yahoo(dot)com with questions or comments.

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