Monday, April 4, 2011

Janette's Quiet Book

Are you in to trading and bartering? I made a sweet deal with my friend Janette. She is a photographer and we needed new family pictures. She wanted a quiet book for her little boy, but didn't know how to make one. Ta da - the trade! We got family pics for free, she got a custom quiet book for free.

The adorable chocolate colored tree fabric for the cover is from Joann's. I made the actual pages on felt, and then hammered in grommets to attach the rings. This way, if she wants to make more pages she can add them in, or if both kiddos want to play with a page.

Here is the classic Noah's Ark page with a zipper pocket. Simple.

I had a lot of fun making the fish page. The end of the fishing rod (shoelace) has velcro so it can "catch" a fish. The boat opens at the top so you can put your catch of the day there. The apples button on the tree and fit in the basket.

Every boy needs a road page! The red, yellow and green light pieces have velcro and the car parks in the garage.

The barn page is so fun with opening doors and animal finger puppets. Janette got married in the Idaho Falls temple, so this page is perfect. Each of the squares and Angel Moroni detach, so you can rebuild the temple. The little buttons open the door and inside is a piece of vinyl above the felt so Janette can put in a wedding picture.

I love this peek-a-boo page, it's one of my son's favorites. If you pull back the mittens I stitched on a piece of vinyl with an opening at the top so Janette can slip in a family picture. And of course, a little pocket for paper, pens and treats.

Quiet books are so much fun to make! If you haven't seen mine yet or want detailed patterns click here.

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Deanna said...

I LOVE it!!! You did a GREAT job!!! :)

Irene said...

Love your quiet books, I've been working on one for my little guy and you have some great ideas.

Ashley said...

dang cute girl! i love it:)

Nathaly said...

wow!!! beaucoup de travail bravo!!

erica said...

I love this! I wanted to tell you that I am currently using some of your ideas and making it on my own. Great book.

I have some pictures up on my blog.

LMF331 said...

I love this idea! Can you tell me how you did the cover? Is it just fabric with binder rings poked through or is there something firmer? I am going to start one for my niece and I am just not sure how to start!

Thanks for any help!

sarah dulin said...

Would you ever consider making one and selling it? I love these and would like one for my son but don't have time or the skill to make one. Wanna make one for me??

Camille @ Camille's Casa said...

Sarah- I've sold them before, but they take SOOO long that I have to charge a lot. I charge $20 per page, and $45 for a cover. Contact me at for more info

Ametlla said...

Que cuentos tan bonitos

Ashley Christensen said...

Hey do you sell these you should make a girl one for me!!!


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