Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Menu

It's 2011 and I am back to my monthly menu planning. It's freezing cold, so I plan on using my crock pot and warm oven a lot. January is all about comfort food right?

If you want to know why I think monthly menu planning is the best, click here for my details.

Pizza Braid (freezer)

Lazy Spinach Lasagna (freezer)

Homemade Corndogs


Pork Fried Rice

Rice & Bean Burritos

Citrus Salmon

Potato Soup

Apple Cinnamon German Pancakes


Pork Tortilla Salad

Teriyaki Burgers

Sun-dried Tomato Pasta

Stuffed Shells

Tuna Alfredo

Mini Meatloaves

Tomato Basil Chicken

Lemon Pepper Chicken


Homemade Pizza

One Pan Ham

Chicken Taquitos


Hubby's Avocado Tacos

I went through and added up my shopping list, it will cost me about $97 dollars for these meals, lunches and kid food/snacks. I like to keep my grocery budget under $140, so looks like we can go out for ice cream, buy some extra snacks and splurge on french bread and ice cream a few times. Fabulous!

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