Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chicken Quesadillas

The perfectly easy lunch or dinner begins with a quesadilla! Yum! There are so many delicious variations, like adding refried beans, guacamole, salsa or chorizo to the tortilla. Here, I use a classic white flour soft taco size tortilla, Mexican cheese blend and shredded chicken. For simple directions on how to shred chicken go here, I always have some in my fridge or freezer. My favorite tortillas are Guerrero Tortillas. I love the flour and corn in all sizes, they are the only ones we buy. They are thicker than most and just taste great. Quesadillas pack great too, sometimes I'll wrap several in foil and drop of at Hubby's work. Enjoy all the gooey cheese!

Husband Rating: 5 stars

1 cup shredded chicken
2 cups (8 oz) shredded Mexican blend cheese (monterray a must!)
12 flour tortillas
Sour cream and salsa, optional

Warm one side of the tortilla over medium heat in a skillet. Turn over and to the hot side add a handful of cheese and chicken on half of the tortilla.

Fold over and press down with a spatula. Cook for about 1 1/2 minutes on each side or until cheese is melty and tortilla is toasty. Serve with sour cream and pico de gallo (equal parts red onion, tomato and cilantro with a dash of lime juice and salt.) Enjoy!

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