Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Back Ribs

It happened. The stars aligned and it finally happened. I saw the baby back ribs on sale, husband started to say, "wouldn't it be good if . . ." and I picked them up and put them in my cart. See, truth is I've been a ribs fan for a long time. They are so sticky and lick-your-lips delicious. I've always thought they were beyond my chef capabilities and never attempted. Only occasionally do I order them at restaurants even, I mean ribs are impossible to eat gracefully. But, it happened, they were in my cart and there was NO turning back!

And don't worry, because this story has a happy ending thanks to my dear Kristin. Kristin of
Make Your Cake and Eat It Too has an easy to follow picture recipe, you can't go wrong. Click here for Kristin's Succulent Baby Back Ribs recipe.

Here's how Kristin's finished ribs look:

And here's how mine turned out: (Don't you just LOVE it when your food actually resembles the recipe photo?)

So, now there should be no more fear. They take a while in the oven, it's true, but it doesn't actually require that much effort. Husband was delighted and reminded again how glad he is he married me:)


heartnsoulcooking said...

This recipe does sound GREAT!!! I love BBQ anytime of year.

Kristin said...

So glad you liked! Those are my fav:)


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