Thursday, October 1, 2009

Embarrassing Lunch

We were visiting friends from high school last night and somehow the topic of lunches in elementary school came up. Whenever we went on a field trip they would tell all the children to bring a lunch from home. They would announce that if for some reason you couldn't bring your own lunch, the lunch ladies could make you one.

Troy (who was the only Latin kid) asked his mom one evening to pack him a lunch. The next day on the field trip all the white kids pull out their sandwiches, drinks and treats and he opens his to find tacos and a tamale wrapped in foil. He was SO mortified. He said he never ever told his mom about a field trip again, he just told the lunch ladies he was too poor to bring a lunch. They would pack him a sandwich and a green apple. TOO FUNNY!

On these same field trips my mom used to pack me a bag of homemade granola, a tuna sandwich on homemade wheat bread and some carrot sticks. I was always jealous of other kids who got to open their little wrappers filled with twinkies, hohos, dingdongs, fruit rollups, and capri suns. It was so embarrassing to be eating homemade brown food when everyone else had brightly colored lunchables.

We were just laughing hysterically about how embarrassing our mom's lunches were. Not realizing, of course, that they were packed with love and we were lucky to have moms who cared. But really, when you're 9 and on a bus trip you just think your mom is clueless.

I remember a friend in middle school saying how embarrassed she was that her mom put twinkies in her lunch, she wanted healthier food like mine so people wouldn't think she was getting fat. What I would've given for that twinkie:) So, in 8 or 9 years my own son will be sitting on a bus being embarrassed at what I packed right? Is that how it works? Do any moms get it right?

Let's hear your EMBARRASSING MOM LUNCH story

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Kristin said...

Camille I love your blog!! This is so cute. That lunch story cracked me up:)


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