Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Party

Especially now that I have a little one I want holidays to be more special. I've been thinking a lot about traditions that I want to establish. I don't want every holiday to end with my son getting a stack of presents and a pile of candy though, I want something more.

For Valentines we've come up with some ideas and we're ready to paaarty! We're hosting our party on Monday the 15th, since that day seemed to work better for everyone we invited.

For the menu we're having Crockpot Lasagna (my mom's making it, she says it's amazing and will pass along the recipe) and I'm using my 2 coupons for free Papa Murphey pizza. I'm throwing together a salad, homemade breadsticks and some type of chocolate gooey dessert.

Now, here's the part I'm most excited about - Be Mine Boxes. I printed out these boxes on card stock and decorated them with each person's name. I put a piece of red paper through the paper shredder and crinkled it at the bottom.

Each guest has been instructed to bring an item for everyone that will fit in their box. After dinner we'll open our little boxes and see what we got. The only rule is, it has to fit in the box.

Here are some ideas: A quarter or dollar bill, a piece of gum, tootsie rolls, love notes, Hershey's kisses, peanut butter cup, lip gloss, IOU coupons, gift certificates, mini candy bars, lifesavers, and much more!

I'm excited to see what creative ideas people come up with!

I've included a blank box pattern so you can decorate your own. I'm imagining this as a long-lasting tradition. When my little guy is older he can decorate his own box and hopefully look forward to Valentine's Day every year.

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