Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Week 3 Sharing Time

Week 3: We can come unto Christ by repenting when we make a mistake

You'll need: An umbrella, picture of Jesus Christ, raindrop cutouts, umbrella cutouts and umbrella coloring page.

Click here to download and print my free printables. You will find the coloring page, the umbrella cutouts and the raindrop cutouts, 4 pages total.

To begin, have one child come forward, we'll call him Tyler. Tell the children that Tyler is going to his father's house for dinner and he's really excited. As he steps outside to walk all the way to his father's house he realizes it's pouring rain. The rain is splashing everywhere and the whole road is covered in mud. Tyler starts to get worried because he knows that at his father's house the carpet is white, the furniture is white and everything is so beautiful and clean. He would feel awful he showed up soaking wet and dirty. What can Tyler use to keep the rain away?

An umbrella! We are all preparing to meet our Heavenly Father. No unclean thing can be in God's presence, so when we arrive we can't be covered in dirt/sins, we need to clean. Our life here on earth is like a rainstorm, there are temptations and mistakes pouring down. How do we keep from being soaking wet? We have another kind of umbrella, it's a gift from our Savior, Jesus Christ. Does anyone know what this gift is called? It's the atonement, it's like a big umbrella, it lets us repent and stay dry from all the rain drops.

There are 4 steps to repentance that make up this umbrella. Let's put them on the board in order and discuss each one.

In advance, I'm going to cut out the raindrops and tape them all the way around my umbrella (a real one). One at a time a child will have a turn to come up and practice the steps of repentance with the umbrella. They hold the umbrella over their head and spin the umbrella in their hands. The raindrop closest to their nose they get to pull off and read. We will discuss how to follow the steps of repentance to fully repent from that raindrop.

We will handout the coloring page and be done. Why do kids love umbrellas so much? It'll be fun!

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Miss said...

Camille...you are seriously a life saver. I've used you for 2 weeks and I think I might even next week! Such CUTE ideas! Thank you!!!

Patti said...

Camille, you are GENIUS! I used your Orange Juice lesson last week and the kids loved it. The teachers loved it. I'm excited to try out the umbrella lesson as well. You help other leaders like us, look like WE are the gifted and talented. Don't worry- all my credit goes to YOU!!! THANKS!

Chella said...

Thanks for all you do! These lessons are always great. :)


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