Friday, October 1, 2010

Festive Fall Decor

I love seeing all of the festive fall decor popping up on front doors and fireplace mantles. I thought I would take a moment to share my current fall decor in my living room:

Festive right? I call it "Sick Chic." The barfed on quilts, crumpled towels for wiping said barf, t-shirts that got splattered and the focal point; a poor sick baby. What a week! I decided that I'm looking forward to when he's old enough to barf in a bowl or the toilet, I have lots of scrubbing and mopping to do.

So, when I'm done with Sick Chic look, I'll get back to posting some cool things. I've got some new quiet book pages, amazing thrift store makeovers, recipes for lemon linguine and caramel apple cake and some red bean tacos my husband gave 5 stars. I have a boutique tonight that I'm excited for (getting out of the house sounds amazing, plus I love to sell my aprons) and I'll be back with some posts.

Take care, and wash your hands after reading this:)

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Kelly Moore said...

Oh man! That's not fun- I have been there- I hope your little guy feels better soon- and now that my guy is 4 (almost 5 yikes) he is big enough to barf in a bucket or toilet and it is SOOO much easier.

By the way, a friend referred me to your blog via facebook- and I like what I see! (other than the sick barfy child, I mean, that makes me sad)


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