Thursday, July 15, 2010

July Week 3 Sharing Time

Every 3rd Sunday we have a special guest in our primary, her name is Sister Friendly. Sister Friendly highlights a few stories from the Friend magazine and reviews, plays a game and reinforces the principles taught in the story. She is super cute and bubbly, and most of the kids don't even know her real last name, she's just friendly:) She chooses stories as soon as the friend comes out and announces it in opening exercises and in the ward bulletin. She encourages them to read the stories with their parents so they are prepared for her 3rd Sunday visit. Our primary has been doing this for about 1 1/2 and the children are excited about reading their Friend, and they're getting their parents to read with them.

Subscriptions are only $8 per year, so it really is possible for every child to receive the Friend. Also, did you know there is a hidden CTR ring in every issue? Our Bishop gives a treat to any child that brings their Friend and shows him where they found it.

Anyway, since Sister Friendly is visiting during Sharing Time my lesson will be really short. Since we've been talking about some stories of Jesus these past few weeks, this week I want the children to tell back the stories to me. I'm going to use flannel boards and several children come up at a time and put the pieces in order and tell each story briefly.

My mom has those awesome flannel board sets with every story from the Bible and Book of Mormon, I will be borrowing hers. For those of you that don't have any, you have to check out this fabulous website Chocolate on my Cranium. She spent the time getting all of these flannel board stories together, and you can print them! Spend some time browsing her site, she has some great resources.

After we retell the stories, I will have the children read John 13:34 with me and give them each a heart to keep in their scriptures to remember to be like Jesus.

We will sing "I'm Trying to be like Jesus" and close.

It's a simple week for me this week, but I'm planning a super fun pioneer sharing time for next week. I'll get the printables up soon!

(For the hearts printable, try clicking on the image and then saving it your computer. If that doesn't print clearly, just email me and I'll send over the pdf!)

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Kari Ann said...

i miss the ward. heck some times i even miss primary.....

Tracy said...

Great idea! Looking forward to your pioneer idea ;)


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