Saturday, July 10, 2010

Score at the Thrift Store

I like to go thrifting once a week or so. My favorite junk store has a huge aisle of just crafts. Mostly is tole painting, ceramics or yarn, but occasionally I've found cuties. This week I scored big time, WOOT WOOT!

I use bias tape a lot in my sewing, but I hate paying $1.97 for a package that only has 4 yards. While sifting through a pile of random junk on the craft aisle, I found a bag packed with old packages of bias tape. Now, when I say old, I mean old.

Look at these adorable labels? Can you believe it, 15 cents for 6 yards?

I love how vibrant the colors are. Some lady had good taste when she bought all these bright, fun colors.

So yeah, I got this entire pile for only $4. Totally made my day!

I'm going to use the bias tape, but I hate to throw away all those adorable vintage labels. I want to mod podge them to something . . . I don't know! Any ideas? What should I do with those cutie pies?

P.S. I'm sewing up 4 zebra aprons right now with this vintage bias tape on the edge - up for sale soon for some lucky ladies!

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Teresa said...

Just stumbled across your site when I linked to it from Sugardoodle while searching for sharing time ideas. So excited to find a site with recipes and sewing ideas.

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I'm some random person ;), found you thru Sugardoodle, too. Those labels are WAY too cool...I love thrifting finds!
An idea...cut the cute labels out and make them into a wreath, or some kind of wall art to hang in your crafting room/area! :)

Chelsea said...

I think you should mod podge them onto a cute box that can then hold your bias tape. I'm totally jealous right now.

PS Love the aprons.


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