Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last-minute Lesson Series

I want to share some of my favorite last-minute lessons. It's a reality in primary right, nobody prepared sharing time, there's 10 minutes leftover, piano player is sick, or teachers or subs are no-shows. I've been in primary for 4 years now, and I've learned to keep a stash of simple/fun lessons in my bag. These work for simple sharing times and can be adapted to a longer class time or even use in Family Home Evening.

Here are the first in my series of last-minute lessons. Enjoy!

Lesson: Establish a House (D&C 88:119)

This lesson is fun for all ages, and you can really challenge the older kids to memorize the scripture. The younger kids, of course, love to color the picture. I have one printed on cardstock, colored and cut into a puzzle. We search the room for the hidden pieces, put it together, and talk about each piece. Handout the house coloring page and color. Simple!

Click here for the blank house coloring page.

Lesson: Jonah and the Big Fish

This is another fun lesson, especially for the younger kiddos. You can tell or read the story of Jonah, and I use my colored cardstock cutouts for this. Make sure to cut a little slit up the whale's mouth so Jonah can really go inside. Talk about courage, faith and being obedient, sing Follow the Prophet and handout the coloring page. A winner!

Click here to download printable Jonah page.

Lesson: 3 Card Match (Easter Version)

This is a fun concept, and you can use it for many subjects, this one happens to be for Easter. The game is called 3-card-match, it's easy enough for little kids, but I find my senior primary gets in to it the most. Print off the cards, there are 2 of each picture to the Easter story. I use the music stand to play, but you could also use a flannel board or chalkboard. Place 3 cards face down, one child gets a chance to turn over 2 cards, their goal is to get a match. If they don't get a match, turn them over, make a show about mixing them up and it's another child's turn. If they match, take those cards out, tell that part of the story, and add more cards to the game. You can compete girls/boys, teachers/kids, classes, or just have them try to match them as a group.

You could make a fun set of cards for missionary work, temples, prophets, a million fun topics. I find that 11 or 12 matches takes the time. For younger children when they get a match you can tell that part of the story, for senior primary I make them tell ME the part of the story before getting the point.

Click here to print the 3 Card Match Easter Game. (It's 6 pages, be patient, and you'll want to print on cardstock)

If you have a favorite last minute lesson to share, or have questions or suggestion please leave a comment or contact me at camillescasa(at)yahoo(dot)com

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arendje said...

This is such a good idea - thank you for sharing - the downloads don't seem to be working properly for house or jonah - please help -

Andrea said...

the link to your easter match takes me to google drive but won't let me see the file. is it still available? thanks.

Camille @ Camille's Casa said...

Sorry Andrea, I need to go through and switch in new links for these goldy oldies. Leave me your email and I can send it over right away:)


Tyler Mason said...

The picture of the house is not working either... But I love all your ideas!

Andrea said...

my email is andreahigh at gmail
thanks! I'd love the house too.


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