Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Coupon Attack Continues . . .

I'm still determined to stock up my pantry in 3 months, but this week wasn't anything miraculous. There were good deals on things like cake mixes, brownie mixes, frosting and sugar cereals, but I passed them by. I didn't pass my glucose test for gestational diabetes, so I'm not eating sugar for 3 months. (Well, I will avoid sugar as much as possible, let's be real:)

My first stop was at Staples. I'd never couponed there before, but I will be back.

2 rolls Scotch tape, FREE (reg. $1.99 each) = 0

2 packs colorful pens, .35 cents each (reg. $3.99 each) = .70 cents

Albertsons was good to me also.

1 pkg. Dananino yogurt, .49 (reg. $2.49) = .49 cents

1 bottle Garnier Fructis shampoo, .50 (reg. $2.50)= .50 cents

2 pkgs. Lance Sandwich Crackers, FREE (reg. 2.75)= 0

And let's not forget Kohls. I loooove Kohls, they have the cutest jewelry and little boy clothes. I got this super fun necklace, regular price $22 for .85 cents. Wa pow!

So, I spent $2.50 on all the above items

And I saved $39.20 this week.

(But, let me be honest, I wouldn't have bought that necklace for $22, well maybe in my former life as a rich/carefree single girl, but not now. I wouldn't have bought expensive yogurt or the crackers. I only got the tape since it was free, I will use it, but it's not like essential. So, not my best week, but still fun to score some freebies.)

And what am I up to this week? I'm getting these beans ready to be turned into the yummiest beef and bean taco meat you've ever tried. I'm documenting with photos as I go, but be watching for my post on how to make beans so your family will eat them!

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Deanna said...

totally impressed!

Camille said...

That's how I feel sometimes when my receipt says I saved 70%... I would never pay $6/lb for chicken! :-)

I can not wait for the beans post! I have tried so many ways of making beans and they NEVER turn out.


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