Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Knit-Zilla Show-off

Ok, so there's nothing better than a box on your porch. I've been waiting excitedly for this cutie-pie for a while and it's finally here!!

I entered a giveaway at Knit-Zilla and I won!! It is so tiny, soft and adorable. Lori is so talented, the stitches are perfect and I can't wait until there's a tiny baby inside that sweater!

This is the back view, the zipper goes up the hoodie, clever huh?

Lori at Knit-Zilla is kind of amazing, I mean, I can only BUY stuff that looks this good.

Here is a rug she did. Looove!

Here are the same back-zip hoodies that I won. Isn't the pink one perfect?

And the cutest kiddie hats for Easter. Go check out Knit-Zilla and be on the lookout for her next giveaway, you can't let me win them all:) (Although I will try . . . .)

Thanks Lori, I love it!

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Deanna said...

Oh my goodness!!! I want one of those adorable sweaters for my baby!!! His little chin gets so irritated by the zippers on the hoodies, that this would be GREAT!!! Love iT!

Knit-Zilla said...

Thanks for the plug Camille. I love your blog! It looks like we love to do the same type of things. I love to cook, sew, read, and of course KNIT. It looks like a baby sweater give-away should be done on a regular basis.

Megs said...

I was given one of these when my daughter was born. Loved it, only problem was she grew out of it too fast!

Allison said...

So darn cute! It just gets way too hot in TX to ever wear something like those!

BTW, I'm in love with the layered black bead necklace with clip...You do great work!


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