Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Attack of the coupons

I've been a casual couponer for the last couple of years, I've even posted several of my great deals on this blog. Well, I've decided that I need to go a little crazy this summer with coupons. This winter was my husband's shop's worst ever. No really, he was one of the only guys not laid off, and his paychecks were sometimes half of what we normally get. We used almost every bit of food storage that we had, and it's a good thing we had it. Now that it's summer and they are busy again I feel it's very important to stock up and get my pantry shelves full again.

So, my goal is to stock my entire pantry and garage shelves in 3 months. I'm having a baby in 3 months, and that's usually when the extra overtime pay stops. I want canned food, cereals, pastas, flour and things like that, but I also want to stock up on toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels, ziploc bags, everything we use.

I've never subscribed to the paper before, but I bought a 3 month subscription last week. For $17 a month I get a daily paper and 5 sunday papers. This is so if there's a good deal I get it 5 times instead of just once. I've invested $51 in this, so I need to save waaay more than that to make it worth it. Here is what I've done so far:

10 boxes of Ronzoni pasta from Albertsons, .15 cents each (reg. 2.17) = $1.50

1 Gillete fusion razor from Walgreens .89 cents (reg 9.89) = $ .89

Saved: $29.20

Spent: $2.39

Not bad for one week. I will check back in and let you know how I'm doing. Food storage in 3 months!!

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Camille said...

Me, too! Hubby is a teacher and we are going to take a pay cut soon. I have no idea how big (anywhere from 2% to 18%) so I've been stocking up like crazy. I'm hoping the cut doesn't take effect until September so I can afford to get some good fresh summer veggies frozen for the next year!

Deanna said...

Oh, wow! Way to go!!!

Can you teach me??? Pretty please??? :)

(This should be one of those FCS classes we're MADE to take. LOL!)

Carissa said...

Add me to your class... or just take me shopping. I need to know how to stock up!

Deanna said...

I totally loved your comment on my blog. :) Made me laugh out loud. :) SO been there with the prego belly/house cleaning. I won't judge. :)

Maybe we could trade couponing help for produce or something. :)

Here's my email: rdpoulsen at gmail dot com. We should totally get together. We're still in an apartment (always have been, probably always will be! LOL!) and have a big lawn...you're welcome to come here or whatever. :)

Monica said...

That is a great and big goal to have. I hope you are able to do it all. We are trying to get our food storage up again cause we have had to live off of it a time or two. I really can't wait to see what other great deals you get.

Nycole said...

Good luck girl! I watch the extreme couponing show on TLC and it really makes me want to start, but it seems so overwhelming.

Looks like you are off to good start! Keep up the good work!


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