Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You know those things in your house that you're always running out of? You know, every time you reach for a ziploc bag it seems to be the last one. I'm trying to cut back on the silly little things I'm always having to refill, here are my tips:

1. Cut dryer sheets in half. Yes, in half. My box of 250 Bounce sheets suddenly becomes 500. A half sheet still does a great job, and I'm doubling my efficiency. Phew!

2. You know the little plastic bags you get at the grocery store for produce and bulk foods? I save them and roll them up in a drawer. When I need to toss some leftover grated cheese in the fridge, I go for a leftover bag instead of a ziploc. If I have some dinner rolls that need to in the cupboard, I grab a leftover bag in place of a ziploc. These aren't costing me any money, so I'm winning already. Of course I use the ziploc bags when I make marinades or freezer meals, but I'm buying them waaay less. Score!

Do you have a great frugal house idea? Leave a comment or shoot me an email, I'd love to hear it!

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