Friday, August 6, 2010

Fabric Storage gone Simple!

Do you ever have great ideas when you're sleeping? I do. I've been LOVING the adorable fabric storage boxes people have been posting. You know, an adorable shelf with neatly lined up scraps. I have a craft closet, but the time and expense of building a shelf in there was just not working.

First off, let me say that I'm pretty sure the architect and builder of our townhouses were men. Why, because the closet doors open in, yes in. SERIOUSLY? I can't fill it to the brim with goodies, or else I can't open the door. Puh-leaze.

I woke up with a great idea, brilliantly great. I went to Walmart the next day and made this happen for $7.42 and no hammering.

Isn't it perfect? It's one of those mesh closet organizers, for your shoes! It attaches with velcro to the curtain rod. The smaller pockets are perfect for my fat quarters and scraps. On the right side I have a perfect slot to separate my aprons that are cut out and ready to sew. The large dividers on the top hold rolled up and folded fabric.

Isn't it dreamy?

With my scrapbooking baskets at the top and my bins tucked away, it's actually a functional closet in spite of the awkward door.

So, there you have it, a simple fabric storage solution that I just can't stop admiring:) And don't worry, Walmart actually had lots of styles and pocket varieties. With it being back to school shopping time, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond had some adorable ones on the cheap!

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Deanna said...

Seriously! You're genius!!!

And yeah...who makes a closet with an inside-opening door? That's just wrong.

- Brittany said...

Ooo. I love that idea for fabric storage. I bet I can find somewhere in my attic to hang one of those. Sorry about double link on Friend Friday. I mistakenly put my tagline instead of my blog name. Duh!

Nice to meet another blogger.


Humble Housekeeping said...

Great idea! I really would have never thought of that! I'm now your newest follower!

Tidbits & Glitz said...

Great idea! I use those shoe organizers for sweaters but I am thinking about organizing my beading room.

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Howdy! I am your newest follower!

angelia said...

This is a great idea! I also am loving the popcorn recipe! I am visiting from the girl creative and love your blog! I will have to stop by Target on Saturday!

Chelsea said...

Loving it.


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