Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smoked Sausage Alfredo

This is a meal that always follows a BBQ. You know when you have several smoked sausages leftover from the grill? My husband begged me to put them over a creamy pasta. I'm glad I did, because the result was outstanding! Next time we grill, I'm making leftovers on purpose. Enjoy!

Husband Rating: 5 stars

3 smoked sausages, grilled

2 cloves garlic

1 Tbsp. butter

1/4 cup red onions, sliced

1 cup chicken broth

8 oz. cream cheese

2 Tbsp. parmesan cheese

12 oz. fettuccine or your favorite pasta

Parsley and diced tomatoes to garnish (optional)

Cook pasta according to package directions. Over medium heat saute melted butter, minced garlic and red onions. Stir in 1 cup of chicken broth. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat. Whisk in cream cheese until sauce is smooth and creamy. Stir in parmesan cheese. Pour sauce over noodles, top with sliced smoked sausages. Garnish with diced roma tomatoes and parsley.

By the way, did you notice my gorgeous new pasta bowls? I found them at the junk store for .25 cents each. They are lovely, dishwasher and oven safe and they make my pasta look better. Score!

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I Miss Gavin said...

Delicious! Was very surprised with the cream cheese in it. I, myself, added mushrooms and broccoli. Thanks for the great recipe!


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