Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend Homework

Weekend homework, that's right, I'm introducing a new feature here at Camille's Casa. I'm going to give you an assignment on Friday that you need to have completed by Monday. But don't worry, I won't be asking you to solve equations, write essays or identify parts of a volcano; I will only assign items that will make you a better mom, wife and woman and citizen. Sound good?

Leave a comment, email me, or link up your own blog post after completing your homework and you can be featured for receiving an A+.

This weekend I want you to take your kids to the park. But it doesn't stop there, I want you to play with your kids. Run around, catch them, tickle and tease, laugh, roll around and cheer them on at the playground. The park is full of moms sitting on blankets texting away, but this weekend I want you to be a cool mom and play with your kids. You'll probably burn 200 calories and your kids will adore you.

Any questions?

Well, I hear my little man waking up from a nap, time to head to the park for some hard-core playing!!

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pantrymama said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog! I've subscribed to yours. I like the homework idea. With 2 boys under 2 I think we can have some fun:)

Kristin said...

i love this little feature camille!

Leah's Little Bowtique said...

Saw your link on New Friend Friday thought I would take a look. I never can sit on a blanket and text with my three at the park. It's a constant go, go, go... follow, follow, follow. Actually I rarely see moms on their phones at our park, must be a mid-west thing. ANyhow, cute blog. I'll be checking back to see what else you have cooked up.

Sarah said...

You are such a good mom! Thanks for the homework! We love playing and it's a good reminder to do what's most important;)


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