Friday, June 11, 2010

Marinated Steaks (for your freezer)

Another freezer recipe, and this one's even better because you can make your husband cook it. Does your husband have dibs on the grill too? Honestly, I've never even lifted the handle the entire 3 years we've owned our grill. Any wonder why I like to grill all summer long? Hehehe, but it tastes so good he can't complain! Anyway, the key to making this recipe a success is buying the steak when it's a killer deal. Watch for cheap sales or buy one get one free on the steaks. I bought 9 steaks, and put them 3 to a bag. It cost about $6 for the meat. I put 3 steaks to a freezer bag. We grill all 3, then eat 2 for dinner and save the 3rd. For lunch the next day, slice it up with some red onions and you've got yourself some steak fajitas. Score!

Note: Yes, you could make your own delicious marinade here, but by using a Lawry's coupon from I got these bottles for .68 cents each. 1 bottle is all you need, plus this is a really good marinade. I didn't have to add a clove of garlic or anything.

Husband Rating: 5 stars

9 steaks (your favorite cut)
1 bottle Lawry's Steak and Chop Marinade
3 freezer ziploc bags

Begin by scoring your meat. Make a tic-tac-toe pattern on your meat with the tip of the knife. Just glide the knife across, don't slice through the whole thing. This allows the marinade to sink into the meat and help tenderize. Can you see my score lines on this steak?

Divide your steaks into freezer bags and pour in marinade. I just used the entire bottle, but it could have gone further. Label and freeze flat. Don't forget to write the date, you'll want to use within 3 months.

To Cook: Take the bag of frozen steaks out of your freezer and place in the fridge the night before you want to grill them and let them thaw overnight. Heat your grill and cook steaks until your desired doneness. Be sure to discard bag and remaining marinade. Serve with your favorite summer vegetables.

You can serve your steak w/ a baked potato and corn, chop it up for a stir fry, or cut into chunks and combine with veggies for some delicious grilled kabobs!

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