Monday, June 28, 2010


Last week I shipped off my first apron to Michigan!

I made a custom apron for Tammy in MI and I absolutely adore it! So here's a little sneak peak for Tammy, who will be checking her mailbox every day this week:

I spent all my babysitting money for this month at the fabric store and I'm stitching up some adorably chic aprons. I'll be taking orders on my blog soon - so be watching!!

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Jackie said...

I'm thinking of flying to Michigan to intercept this package :) That apron is absolutely adorable!!

MarySue said...

What a darling apron...from an old gal that wears them daily. Also have to thank you for the "traffic light" info. I used it in Sharing Time this month and a father came up to me and told me when he was tucking in his girls they told him all about it. I so appreciate you sharing your inspiration.

Sarah said...

That apron is way cute! You are so crafty!

tconlan said...

Yippeeeeeeeeeee!! Look how cute MY apron is!! Apparently I'm going to need to hire my package some security so no one takes it! lol!!

It Looks AWESOME!! Thank you thank you!

Ginnie Coleman said...

Please contact me when you get some new aprons for sale. I adore them...that yellow one is splendid.


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