Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ice Cream Cheesecake

I learned this recipe in my high school home ec. class and I still love making it. It always gets ooohs and aaahs when I serve it to guests. I love it in the summer, since it's ice cream, but it makes an impressive holiday dessert as well. The secret is how simple and fast this recipe is. I love make-ahead recipes when we have company over. I make the cake the night before and then I can spend all day cleaning and cooking the main course. I topped with frozen berries above, but garnishing with chocolate syrup or chocolate shavings always looks impressive.

Husband Rating: 5 stars
Father-in-law grunt of approval recipe!!

1/2 gallon carton of vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup melted butter
1 package of graham crackers, crushed
1 can (12 oz.) frozen lemonade concentrate

This recipe makes 2 pies, double or half as needed. Soften ice cream in a large bowl. Stir in lemonade and mix until smooth. Crush graham crackers, add melted butter and stir. Place cracker mixture on the bottom of 2 pie tins and press until firm. Spread ice cream mixture over top and refreeze. Garnish, cut and serve!

(I know, I need a better camera!)

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