Sunday, March 28, 2010

While cleaning out my craft tote I found a bag of beans. A few years ago we had a church appreciation activity where the theme was "feed my sheep." I made a bunch of sheep bean bags for each teacher to use in their classroom. I wish I would have saved the pattern, because they were cuties.

Anyway, I found the bag of leftover beans and decided I needed to make my son some cute bean bags to play with. Homemade by Jill had some basic patterns for an elephant and an alligator, although she used them as stuffed animals. They were a snap to sew and my little man loves chewing on them and throwing them around the room.

Tune in for more, because I found an awesome craft book at the library with ideas for an octopus and a frog.

There is nothing cooler than making your kid stuff . . .

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Gallant Family said...

Those are way cute, Camille. Sorry, I totally missed your giveaway. I've been a blog slacker lately and I'm trying to catch up! Yeah, right! I LOVE apple crisp, so I'll have to try that out this week.

Brit said...

How fun...I need to make some baby shower gifts, these would be cute...I need to try em out.

Kristin said...

way super cute!! haha! i noticed that some more people voted for liam! just thought you'd love that one:)


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