Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clutter Wins

Well, remember my great goal to eliminate clutter? I did great for 2 days, then the baby got sick, then the real kicker - I slipped 3 discs in my back. I know right? I'm 25, what am I doing having back problems?

So, not only is my table cluttered, the hutch is a disaster, my sink is full of dirty dishes, all the garbages need to be emptied and the laundry pile is almost taller than me. I am so sore I can barely walk, baby is mad because I won't hold him and husband gets to cook dinner again.


But, the good news is, I have lots of time to browse my favorite blogs and keep working on my quiet book. So, until I make dinner again and post a new recipe, enjoy some blog ideas.

Kari, my friend since like 5th grade, started a cutie craft blog called Craft-a-doodle. Here are some of my favorites that she's done:

This nasty looking couch became a comfy lookin' sofa

This hutch is just to die for:

And I love her idea to put her little boy's hand and foot print on the wall, precious memories!

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