Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sneaky Mother's Day

Mother's Day was kind of sneaky this year. I mean, Mother's Day, aprons, it all makes sense right? I was blown away with orders that made for some late nights and a cranky toddler. Next year, I will sew several aprons in advance. This year, I ended up taking custom order after custom order. I'm delighted with how they turned out, so enjoy the photos!

First, I sold a lot of this apron, my most popular design and fabric. It's fun and bright, love it! I sold a few in the baby doll size and matching for little girls.

These aprons were fun to make for my friend Kealie. Her daughter chose a fun apron (I totally forgot to take a picture, grr) made out of this brown butterfly fabric. It's a craft apron with little pockets for crayons and pencils with the pink princess tulle on the bottom. She wanted a matching one for her favorite doll and for her mom. The doll apron was fun to make with ribbon and tulle. For Kealie, I added a lovely ruffle at the top in pink.

This last apron is by far my favorite. The fabric is so bright and fun I can't stop looking at it. The retro lemons make it the perfect hostess apron. I added an extra long yellow sash that can tie in the front or the back. And don't forget the sweet detail on the neckline. Soooo loving this! Husband told me it's his favorite (he doesn't hand out sincere sewing compliments often) and that I need to make more to sell.

I also had a booth at the Cinco de Mayo celebration on Saturday. I sold lots of little girl aprons, magnets, hot pads and towel toppers. And of course, ate some delicious tamales:)


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Camille said...

So do you sell these to fellow bloggers?? :-) I really want a pretty apron so I'll actually wear one and stop ruining my clothes!

Cami said...

I'll let you in on the little secret! I'm actually going to start teaching sewing lessons in my home. I hope it goes over ok. It may take some time to get it going, but that is why I need to stop blogging! My mother in law does it in WA and she has a ton of people interested all the time. I've yet to find any body around here that does it besides the over priced fabric store's dinky classes. I'm really excited about it and hope it isn't a total flop. I'll keep you updated. I just figured since I can't teach in school's why not teach at home!
By the way, your aprons are so adorable! And I'm totally with you that 2 hours sewing a day is plenty!

Anne Maskell said...

I love your aprons! I'm visiting from
making the world cuter,glad I did!

Homemade Diva said...

you know what's funny? i have that EXACT same lemon fabric . . . and I bought it to make aprons with!

guess great minds think alike! :o)

Allison said...


Misty said...

Oh my gosh...I love that lemon fabric!! Adorable aprons!!

Jackie said...

That Lemon apron is so stinkin' cute!!!

Trista said...

Came across you on New Friend Friday :) I love these aprons and the recipes look delicious. cute blog!


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