Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Creations

I did a lot of sewing and selling this season. I stayed up much later than I planned on, but who can resist an apron order? These are the highlights, which one is your favorite?

Wyoming is a little bit cuter with these aprons. My best-seller zebra and hot pink apron and a retro red ruffle apron.

For two lucky little boys who now have an excuse to bug mom in the kitchen.

I loved the truck apron so much I made one for my little man and wrapped it up for Christmas. He refuses to wear it, but whatever, it won't fit him for 2 years anyway:)

These music aprons were a custom order from Wyoming again. The perfect gift for music teachers, and I had to throw in a little pin with black tulle for some flare.

These are by far my favorite aprons I've done this season. I received an order from a grandmother who wanted mom, teenager and baby all in the kitchen cooking together. She had lots of specific requests and wants, but gosh they turned out lovely. The apron for mom needed to be plus-size, but Grandma still wanted it to be attractive and stylish. She wanted the fabric to be a little gothic, but girlie too.

I'll admit, I was a little overwhelmed with this order until I found this fabric at Joann's. Girlie and a little edgy, paired with purple polka dots it's per-fect!

Here is the order in all it's glory

Here's the one year old baby doll apron, simple and cute.

Here is the teen daughter's apron. I looove how it turned out, hands-down my fave. The ruffle on the bottom is too cute, edged in gray bias tape and a little yoyo for show.

For mom's apron I added 4 inches to each side 3 inches in length. I made the straps extra long, so she can still get a great tie out of it. It looks so sharp, I must admit. It took 4 yards of bias tape for this baby, sheesh.

For the extra glamor I made this pin. It's detachable, fabric yoyo with black lace.

I love how these turned out, so my new favorites:)

Now, back to making 2 quiet books for friends and finishing my list of things to make for my little man. If you see anything you love and are interested in a custom order just email me. Happy new year!

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Allison said...

Camille! I just saw your comment on my blog--so good to hear from you! Hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year's! You've been making some the cutest stuff! I especially like the little pink track suit from the previous post, especially since it has an "S" on it :) Hope you're surviving the cold--we sure don't miss it! But ask us how we're feeling about next July, and we'll see who's braggin' then ;) Happy New Year!

Anthony and Erin Mills said...

I love all the aprons! Makes me want to practice with my new sewing machine!

skideewink said...

I am a plus size momma and these aprons are hard to find!! I love the "gothic" ones the best! I have three daughters and we all love to be in the kitchen.


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