Monday, December 21, 2009

Back to the Kitchen

I know, I said before would be my last craft boutique for the year. I lied. I couldn't resist just one more, but I did great on sales, handed out lots of business cards, had fun and scored some sweet deals.

Working craft boutiques is dangerous because I want to buy all the cute stuff at other booths. One lady used to own a scrapbooking store and was clearing out inventory, SWEET DEALS! She had a huge box full of things for 50 cents, I found sparkly ink pads and other cuties. My friend Jaimie had a booth of her feather fascinators (bows and clips for glamorous grown-ups!) and I'm going to have to buy more in lots of colors. She is working on setting up a blog, so I will be linking there soon!

This is my favorite apron I've made that I sold Saturday. I was kind of experimenting with the pattern and not even sure if it would sell, but it did. It got enough compliments that I'm confident in making more. Watch for new colors!

I will get to work posting some fun Christmas and holiday recipes for everyone. Stay warm and check back!

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